Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries
Mentor Program
The 7th and 8th Graders at First German venture into the Kindergarten room every Friday and help the Kindergarteners do various activities. Most of them revolve around reading. Click to take a look at all of the fun!

Canoe Trip
The 7th and 8th Graders get to go on a canoe trip every other year. This year we had wonderful weather and an awesome time. Click to see our adventure.

Grades K-8 play in a soccer tournament at Kiel every year. Here are some pictures of all of our teams competing.

A-Team Volleyball
The 7th and 8th Grade girls get to participate on the A-Team for Volleyball. Click to see them bump, set, and spike!

Walk to School Day
For the past two years, First German has participated in the National Walk to School Day. This year we started from the Rahr West Art Museum. Click to see our journey!

Henning's Cheese and Indian Museum
The 3rd-6th graders went to Henning's Cheese factory to see how cheese is made and packaged. They also went to an Indian Museum and Trout Farm to learn about how fish grow and about the culture of the Native Americans that used to live in Wisconsin. Click to see all of the fun they had!