Lakeshore Lutheran Schools  

Lakeshore Lutheran Schools is a group of WELS schools that are along the lakeshore in Wisconsin. Click on this link to learn more about our partnership with the other WELS schools in our area.

Manitowoc Lutheran High School  

Take a look at our area Lutheran High School. Here you can continue your academic and spiritual education while being taught by a wonderful and experienced staff. 


Powerschool is the online grading system that First German utilizes. Click the link to take you to the parent login screen.

First German Mission:
First German exists to assist families in the upbringing of their children through academic and spiritual courses. Our teachers and children apply what they learn and know about God in every aspect of their lives, whether it be teaching, learning, or normal everyday activities. Our goal is to prepare your children for High School, but also to train them for life as a child of God.