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Mary Magnified the Lord

12/23/2018 Pastor Johnston  Luke 1:39-55 

The Lord's Forgiveness-Aspirin for the Soul

12/16/2018 Pastor Baumann  Psalm 130 

John the Baptist put Christ back in Christmas

12/9/2018 Pastor Johnston  Luke 3:1-6 

Attention All Christian Disciples

10/28/2018 Pastor Johnston  John 8:31-36 

God is Determined to Shine His Light on Africa

10/21/2018 Pastor Johnston  Acts 8:26-39 

Don't be Haughty! Be Humble!

9/23/2018 Pastor Johnston  Jer. 11 & Mark 9 

Facing the Cross Road?

9/16/2018 Pastor Schaefer  Mark 8:27-35 

Jesus Makes the Deaf Hear and the Mute to Speak

9/9/2018 Pastor Johnston  Mark 7:31-17 

Let's Follow the Leader

8/19/2018 Pastor Kock  John 6:60-69 

The Bread of Life: The Key to Living Forever

8/12/2018 Pastor Schaefer  John 6:41-53 

The Bread of Life: Food that Never Spoils!

8/5/2018 Pastor Schaefer  John 6:24-35 

The Lord's Lesson About Leftovers

7/29/2018 Pastor Schaefer  John 6:1-15 

Take some Quiet Time with Jesus

7/22/2018 Pastor Otto  Mark 6:30-34 

The Hometown Hero & the Roots of Rejection

7/8/2018 Pastor Schaefer  Mark 6:1-6 

Keep Calm & Trust the Teacher!

6/24/2018 Pastor Schaefer  Mark 4:35-41 

See the Amazing Growth of Christ's Kingdom!

6/17/2018 Pastor Schaefer  Mark 4:26-34 

Jesus and the Quest to Find Rest

6/3/2018 Pastor Schaefer  Mark 2:23-28 

The Triune God's Miracle of Re-Birth

5/27/2018 Pastor Schaefer  John 3:1-8 

We Get so Much from the Holy Spirit!

5/20/2018 Pastor Kock  John 14:25-27 

Spread, Oh, Spread the Mighty Word!

5/13/2018 Pastor Schaefer  Ephesians 4:7-16 

Linger in Ultimate Love!

5/6/2018 Pastor Schaefer  John 15:9-17 

The Difference a Good Shepherd Makes

4/29/2018 Pastor Schaefer  John 10:11-18 

Cling to the True Vine!

4/22/2018 Pastor Schaefer  John 15:1-8 

The Risen Jesus transforms the Shattered to the Restored

4/8/2018 Pastor Schaefer  Luke 24:13-35 

Stand in the Easter Victory!

4/1/2018 Pastor Schaefer  1 Cor. 15:1-11 

We Would Like to See Jesus

3/18/2018 Pastor Otto  John 12:20-33 

Look Up and Live!

3/11/2018 Pastor Schaefer  Numbers 21:4-9 

The Message of the Cross

3/4/2018 Pastor Schaefer  1 Cor. 1:18-25